Omcom vision

Omcom is an omnichannel messaging software platform that helps brands build personal relationships with consumers at scale, all through chat.

What can Omcom do for brands?

Brands can be where their consumers are - everything everywhere all at once AND stay personalized

Personalized experience

Omcom helps you create personalized experiences for your customers at scale while delivering exceptional service for you. We actively engage with our clients, sharing best practices, and continuously seeking avenues to improve their businesses.

Channels that work in digital age

Embrace the future of chat commerce and make WhatsApp your communication channel of choice, benefiting from its 98% open rate and 5 times higher conversion rate compared to email and SMS.

Greatest ROI on marketing dollar

Experience higher engagement, increased response rates, and stronger customer relationships with Omcom.

Scalable and Secure

We have experience working with and advising large enterprises in the e-commerce space, handling tens of thousands of chats monthly, and supporting large teams through mega-sales campaigns.
Omcom X WhatsApp

Omcom platform elevates what each brand can do with WhatsApp

Grow your WhatsApp audience - establish direct communication channel with your customers

Collect reviews and run surveys

Run marketing campaigns



increase in efficiency


reduced customer response time


customer inquiries processed


stores connected to Omcom


Our Average Customer Response Time reduced from 19 minutes to 4 minutes. Amazing impact Omcom is having on our business already. Great to see.

Omcom client


How Omcom creates value for our clients


Omcom & ADA Asia

Omcom changes the way enterprises and customers interact. Enterprises can build personal relationships with customers at scale, providing seamless omnichannel experience.
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For your convinience Omcom is integrated with main payment providers

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