We serve clients from many walks of life.

Individuals pursuing their dream of becoming successful e-commerce entrepreneurs. Family businesses venturing into the online space. E-commerce enablers helping other businesses. Established enterprises with a history spanning over decades.

No matter which category our clients belong to, they share one thing in common: a personalized experience offered to their every customer and a satisfied team behind it. Explore how Omcom can help your online business today.

Individual business

You are an individual or a small team running several online stores on Lazada and Shopee. Perhaps this is your only source of income, or it may one of your many ventures, or it may be your side gig. No matter what stage you’re at, you actively seek out opportunities for growth. ...Growing a business can be demanding. At Omcom, we help clients like you to cope with additional workload, process customer inquiries more efficiently and prioritize your limited resources. With our solution, serve more customers in less time and sell more without the extra hassle.

Explore our single chat interface to process all your customer inquiries in one window. Use chat folders to organize and assign chats within your team, set up follow ups and add customized tags to your conversations. Make the most of your time with our smart templates to achieve the 100% response rate.

Family businesses

You have a vision to take the family business to the next level. You want to build an online brand that your customer base will love. With that in mind, you are still wondering what are the best ways to sell in multiple online channels, how to provide quality customers support and ...what can you do with all that information gained from your customers. Omcom can give you the tools, support, and information that you needed to build a successful online business. Work smarter and sell more - across online channels and marketplace with Omcom.

Take advantage of our chat solution to engage customers from all your stores on any connected platform in one window. Explore our chat folders to keep your customer inquiries organized and separate. Improve your performance with our analytics module which is easy to use, powerful and suitable for a variety of businesses.

E-commerce enablers

You live and dream helping other businesses to be successful in the e-commerce space. You deliver best results for your clients by leveraging data, consumer insights and your operational excellence. Helping resolve hundreds of inquiries in multiple markets every day, ... you need to stay efficient and ensure that your customer service team is high performing.

At Omcom, we help clients like you to increase productivity of your customer support teams, manage your workload and leverage data analytics for better operational performance. Serve your clients even better with Omcom.

 Enterprises (or Brands)

You are an established brand with a strong vision to deliver the best customer experience in the market. Built on strong foundations, you want to take full control of your customer journey using high performing customer analytics and support teams in house. ... You want to make your marketing strategy more targeted, understand what customers notice about your products and deliver a personalized experience for every purchase.

At Omcom, we help clients like you by turning conversations into insights and then by translating them into your customer journey process. Sell more to your target audience with Omcom.

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