Omnichannel Messaging Software

100% response rate and reduced response time can be easily achieved with our smart chat platform.

1. All customer inquiries in one app. No need to log in and out to reply to all your customers. With Omcom, you can view and respond to all conversations with your customers across channels within seconds

2. Effortlessly manage conversations with our chat organizer. Move chats from open to closed with a single click. Set up follow-up reminders and add customized tags to your conversations.

3. Streamline your communication with smart templates. Choose from pre-existing templates or create your own custom messages. Omcom automatically populates order data such as order number, tracking number, delivery status, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. Reduce response time to mere seconds.

Easy and effective tools to manage your digital channels

Multi - User Access

Set up user access with different levels of permissions for business owners, managers, and support agents. Safeguard your business data by choosing which information to share with each user.

Chat Insights

Chat Reporting: Keep track of conversations and gain valuable insights into your customers. Generate detailed reports on your conversation history, categorized by channel, store, or SKU. Utilize these insights to boost your sales and drive business growth.

Customer Support Performance tracker

Monitor the performance of your customer support agents, including average response time, number of inquiries resolved, and more. Access comprehensive performance reports to track and analyze their productivity.


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