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Our team is passionate and agile. We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and deliver better solutions for our clients.

E-commerce business in Asia is unique, challenging and exciting. With multiple marketplaces and channels, it requires e-commerce businesses to work hard. However, its complexity and challenge brings unparalleled opportunities, including rapid growth and high margins. Omcom’s mission is to help e-commerce business achieve their potential using tools specifically tailored to their needs. We decided to launch integrated chat solution and analytics modules to reduce operational workload for our clients and give them time to focus on growth of their businesses. Soon, we plan to introduce more tools that will boost our clients sales and will allow them to tap into new channels of online commerce.


Our Story

Omcom brought together people from different backgrounds and experiences - people from startups and people from global corporations. Together, we created a company that cares about its community - clients, employees, partners and shareholders.

  • 2020December

    Founders entered Entrepreneur First Startup Accelerator in Singapore.
  • 2021May

    Omcom was registered in Singapore.
  • 2021July

    Our team expanded to 10 people.
  • 2021August

    Officially approved Lazada API developers.
  • 2021October

    Omcom launched its closed Beta version.
  • 2021December

    Closed pre-seed round of investments.
    Omcom invested in enhanced cybersecurity.
  • 2022January

    Major upgrades in Omcom infrastructure to increase system stability and support clients with no interruption.
    Officially approved Shopee API developers.
  • 2022February

    New version product released to public.
  • 2022March

    Omcom partners with Shopify for Messaging Closed Beta
  • 2022May

    Omcom receives investments for product development
  • 2021June

    200+ connected stores

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